Come To The Barter Circle

Do you have something to sell? Have you considered trading it for something you would rather have?

Bartering is a good way to exchange goods, and it worked well for thousands of years. Unfortunately our modern day credit card society is causing this time honored tradition to be all but lost…

Sometimes trading isn’t practical of course, but you will be pleasantly surprised if you just give it a try!

Here are some suggestions to get you started…

Obviously you can trade goods in any way that seems acceptable to the parties involved. Worth, like beauty, is a subjective quality that is determined by the individuals making the barter.

You can also barter services in a number of creative ways. “Services” can be anything from tax services, auto repair, dog grooming, hair styling, attorney services, computer repair services, to meals at a restaurant that you own – take inventory what you have to offer, and negotiate!

Don’t be afraid to offer your skills, talents and services, and we encourage you to be innovative and be sure to communicate! For instance, if someone says they have an auto repair shop and are looking to trade services with a plumber, you could still offer them your computer technician skills. Perhaps they will take a rain check for when they DO have computer problems, or maybe you have some tangible item they’re interested in. You will both miss out on a valuable new relationship if you don’t introduce yourselves! Or, perhaps your brother-in-law is a plumber, and you can fix his computer and he can do the job that is exchanged for the work that is done on your car…

Either way, if you have an item you would like to dispose of, or a service to offer, (Trade, Sell, or Give Away) you can list it here in our FREE CLASSIFIED ADS

Please forgive the inconsistent sizes of the categories boxes; I am rather a beginner at making web pages and stuff. I’ll figure out how to size the pictures before too long and make it more aesthetically pleasing as quickly as I can! Also coming soon are more categories and other improvements to the classifieds. Please comment and give me any suggestions or advice that you may have about how to make the classifieds more useful or functional…

CLICK HERE to check it out!

There’s also a FREE STUFF category for those times when you have stuff that you just don’t want. Sometimes you might not feel like trading it for anything, you just want to get rid of it for any number of reasons… Don’t throw it away, post it HERE where It can fill a need! “FREECYCLE!”

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    &#0nd8;2obo2y is in fact having sensible discussions of these issues” I was referring to the broader public discussion. These issues are, in fact, often discussed on this blog. Indeed, there has been a lot of that in the commentson this post. Wish we would have more of it.

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