Mission Possible

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it… (Hopefully this message will not self destruct!) 🙂

Make a habit of asking at least 3 people every day if there is anything that you can do to help them. (Perhaps you’re already doing this, and if so, I salute you!)

Family and close friends might be a good place to begin if this is new for you, but I challenge you to stretch your horizons and approach complete strangers (Who are not as far removed from being friends as you might imagine – see I’d Like You To Meet My Friend)

Here are some suggestions to get you started and I invite you to post more ideas in the comments section. Tell us how you serve your brothers and sisters and neighbors in your community.

Perhaps a homeless person needs a new change of clothing. Maybe he would even accept job. Chances are at the very least he would like someone to talk to and would share his (or her) story of how he became homeless in the first place. Maybe unfortunate circumstances brought him down and depression and despair kept him there. What would the messiah have you do? Shouldn’t you at least ask him (or her – many women are homeless too) if he knows God, and share with him your faith if he does not? Maybe he would like to go to your place of worship with you – a good use for that new change of clothing that you just gave him, right?

Just because a person doesn’t seem to have needs , doesn’t mean that they don’t. A person doesn’t have to be homeless on the streets in order to appreciate random acts of kindness.

It is important to minister to your spiritual brothers and sisters as well, encouraging and building each other up. After all, even though we are supposed to be spreading love and good will to the world at large, we still need some loving treatment ourselves, which you can’t always expect to get from the world. Lots of times people will take your acts of kindness for granted, or even treat you rudely. In order to persevere it helps to have the unconditional love and support of other true followers of the Prince of Peace, and they need you too, so do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together.

Speaking of which, you don’t have to wait for a formal worship service in some officially designated building somewhere order to get together with your brothers and sisters. Send out invitations and have them over for a meal or gather in the yard and watch the children play while you break out your scripture and have an informal study. Gather at somebody’s house specifically for the study of scripture sometimes. Don’t forget prayer and visiting among yourselves too. Remember, God is our Father, Jesus (Yeshua) is our elder brother; we are a family… One of the great things about family is that you are supposed to be able to relax and be yourself. “Church” has its place, but you’ll be missing out on many blessings if you limit your associations to going to church. You and other children of God are the church!

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